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Nintendo sorry Wii U still lacks TVii feature in Europe

"Please continue to keep an eye out."

More than a year after its launch, Wii U still lacks one of its main system features in Europe: its cunningly-named electronic programme guide TVii.

A button for the feature has been present on the system's pause menu since the console was released in November 2012, although pressing it only brings up an error message.

Nintendo had previously promised to launch the feature in Europe during 2013 - which has obviously now come and gone.

"We would like to apologise that we were unable to bring the Nintendo TVii service to Europe in 2013 as originally planned," the company wrote on its official site (thanks, Nintendo Life).

"Please continue to keep an eye out for further announcements regarding this service in the near future."

TVii works with your existing TV channels and any streaming subscriptions you may have (in the US, services such as Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video). You can use the service to select and launch programmes, then watch via your TV or on the GamePad itself.