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Nintendo reveals Zelda Wii U gameplay footage

Styled similar to Wind Waker, and open-world.

UPDATE 18:08 BST: The press release has just dropped detailing it a little more:

"The newest game in the franchise, scheduled for 2015, introduces the first truly open world in a game from the series," it says.

"Players can roam Hyrule Field or set off on a trek to distant mountains if they prefer. Players can get to any area they can see from virtually any direction. That's one of the ways the game breaks with franchise norms and introduces new ways to play."

ORIGINAL STORY: It's the game everyone was waiting for: Zelda Wii U. It will be out in 2015, and Nintendo has revealed it in glorious motion. And boy did it look good.

It has a cel-shaded, bright and colourful look like Wind Waker, but it's not so cartoony. Link, for starters, is older, and there's a blend of magic-technology at work, powering robots and enhancing Link's weapons.

More importantly, Link rides a horse and can explore, by the sounds of it, an open world. That, Zelda overlord Eiji Aonuma said, will create types of gameplay never before seen in this famed series of games. Puzzles will become how to geographically get somewhere you can see on the horizon.

No name yet, no date beyond next year. But gosh oh gosh.

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