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Nintendo reveals evolved Wii U GamePad, Xbox-like Pro Controller

Now has proper, clicky analogue sticks.

Nintendo has shown, named and demonstrated an evolved Wii U GamePad in a pre-E3 video announcement.

The Mario-maker also unveiled a black Wii U Pro Controller, which looks almost identical to an Xbox 360 pad in shape and layout.

The evolved Wii U GamePad has two longer analogue sticks instead of the circle pads the prototype device featured last year at E3. The sticks can now be clicked down, too.

The GamePad's buttons and handgrips have been moved around to make it more comfortable to use.

There's a TV Control button that, when pressed, transfers the telly's image to the GamePad screen or vice versa. The GamePad can also act as a television remote once the Wii U console is turned off.

The GamePad also has an NFC reader/writer that can decipher and do wonderful, magical things with cards or figurines placed on the screen.

There are gyroscopic and motion sensors, too. You can use the Wiimote, nunchuck and Balance Board with Wii U.

The Wii U GamePad got its name from the original NES game pad.

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