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Nintendo responds to criticism over lack of new Wii releases

Will be out when they're done.

Nintendo's European marketing director has responded to criticism that the Wii doesn't have enough first party software support. His response is: we'll release the games when they're finished, and not before.

"I would say that these titles - and this has always been the Nintendo policy - will be on the shelves when the director says so," Laurent Fischer told GamesIndustry.biz. "If the development team says they need one more month or two more months to deliver a unique Wii experience, we're comfortable with that."

"At Nintendo I'm marketing director, but I'm proud to say that the marketing department has the last voice. When the product is out it's exactly as the creator intended," Fischer continued.

"It's the way the development studio dreamt it from the very beginning. Some companies may aim to release games at Christmas or for specific financial times of the year - Nintendo has nothing to do with that, it's never been the case."

Reasserting that both Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Super Mario Galaxy will be out this year, Nintendo's marketing man also said that he felt the Wii had a "strong line-up of titles" already and pointed to the constant trickle of content onto Virtual Console.

He also addressed questions about supply and demand, claiming the company could have "smashed" its 6 million console target by the end of March given greater production capacity. Sadly he didn't go on to call Sonic fat or anything. Read the Laurent Fischer interview on GamesIndustry.biz for more on most of that.