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Nintendo refutes consoles dying claim

"No other game device" matches impact.

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Nintendo has denied an accusation that console gaming is at its peak.

"The end is near - for game consoles anyway," begins a Fox News report into the current state of gaming.

Fox News' proof? Avid gamer Mark Ormond, who plays more games on his iPhone than on his Wii and Xbox 360.

"I actually think consoles are a thing of the past," Ormond said. "Why pay $50-60 for sequels of the same games on $300 machines when I can play newer experiences elsewhere in a lot less time - and for a lot less money - on devices I already use more?"

Has the iPhone killed console gaming?

Enter Marc Franklin, Nintendo's director of PR. "Consoles display games on the biggest screen in the house.

"No other game device can match their impact. No other type of gaming brings people together in the same way."

It's a not-unexpected view from Nintendo. Its made millions making games for families with a Wii console sat underneath their TV and is gearing up for another big hardware launch next year.

Nintendo will reveal its next home console, codenamed Project Cafe, at E3 next month.

Last month Eurogamer investigated Angry Birds developer Rovio's claim that "console games are dying", seeking opinion from analysts, publishers and game developers.

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