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Nintendo launches its first Cross-Buy game with Squids Odyssey

Only works in Europe when you buy the 3DS version first.

For some time Sony has been offering players complimentary copies of its games on the company's other platforms when purchased once. Dubbed Cross-Buy, this meant you could purchase a game on PS3, then get the PS4 and Vita versions of said game at no extra charge. Now Nintendo is starting to follow suit with its 3DS release of the action-RPG/strategy hybrid Squids Odyssey.

Those who purchase Squids Odyssey on Nintendo's handheld upon its 3rd July release will receive the Wii U version of the game for free so long as they have the same Nintendo Network ID set up for both platforms.

Priced at £9.99 / €12.99, Squids Odyssey is an Angry Birds-style flinging action affair merged with turn-based tactics. It was fairly well-received upon its Wii U launch last month.

So far this offer seems to be limited to Europe only and it's worth noting that it only works when you buy the 3DS version of the game first, as it's not available the other way around.

It's still not quite as enticing as Sony's cross-platform offerings as this doesn't seem to include anything as fancy as Cross-Save compatibility, so you can't swap your progress back and forth between platforms the way you could in Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate (which required a separate app), but it's a step in the right direction anyway. With any luck, this sort of thing will become the norm soon enough. One can hope anyway.

Cover image for YouTube videoSquids Odyssey Launch trailer (Europe)