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Nintendo eShop update - 28/07/11

Let's Golf 3D! NES Baseball!

Suped-up golfing sim Let's Golf 3D headlines this Thursday's eShop update.

Ancient NES title Baseball also becomes available via the Nintendo online store.

Let's Golf 3D is the latest in Gameloft's mobile franchise. It takes a light-hearted approach to the sport, offering Aztec jungle and penguin-filled courses, along with time-rewinding tactics and a friendly silver-haired old buffer playing in a kilt.

Still, it's new. Reanimated 1983 veteran Baseball is not.


Brought back from the dead as a standard 2D re-release, the Nintendo Entertainment System title looks its age.

Baseball was already made available via WiiWare, and was re-released on the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance (via the e-Reader) and twice via arcade machines before that. This is the Game Boy version.

Keeping this week's sport theme, bizarre title Go Series Portable Shrine Wars allows gamers the experience of carrying a huge portable shrine on their shoulders.

At summer festivals in Japan dozens of people carry these shrines, named Mikoshi, and attempt to barge opponents into dropping their own. A bit like jousting, players can either charge opponents, or alternatively try and take them down by flinging members of their own team at them.

This week's full run-down lies below.

Nintendo eShop releases - 28/07/11

  • Let's Golf! 3D (Nintendo) - 3DS, €6
  • Baseball (Nintendo) - 3DS, €3
  • Artillery: Knights vs. Orcs (Kritzelkratz 3000) - DSiWare, €5 or 500 DSi Points
  • GO Series Portable Shrine Wars (Gamebridge) - DSiWare, €2 or 200 DSi Points
  • Successfully Learning German Year 5 (Tivola) - DSiWare, €5 or 500 DSi Points

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