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Nintendo eShop update 20/10/11

Pyramids! Checkers! Fast Racing!

Original 3DS title Pyramids headlines this week's eShop update. The block-building platformer is available for £3.60/€4.

It's only the second original 3DS title available to download, following Gameloft's Let's Golf 3D.

Academy: Checkers, a digital version of the classic board game, arrives on DSiWare. It's priced at 500 DSi Points (about £4.50).

For those looking for something a little cheaper, WiiWare racer Fast - Racing League gets a free demo on the Wii Shop Channel today. A futuristic racing F-Zero clone, Kristan Reed rated the game 6/10:

"There's no smooth route into the game, which ultimately means playing the same tracks over and over until you finally crack it - or just crack and go do something more rewarding. If you posses superhuman racing skills, FAST - Racing League is the game for you," Kristan wrote in Eurogamer's Fast - Racing League review.

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