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Nintendo eShop update - 11/08/11

Avenging Spirit! Fishing! Cards!

Spooky Game Boy title Avenging Spirit headlines this week's Nintendo eShop update.

Originally released in 1992, the black and white classic sees the title's main character shot to death at the start of the game.

Players must then play as his ghost, able to inhabit other characters and creatures to avenge your untimely end and, naturally, save your girlfriend.

It's a portable version of the full-colour arcade 1991 original, which was ported to iOS earlier this year. It's out on the App store for $1.99 (£1.21). The 3DS version costs a little more - €3 (about £2.60).

Also in the eStore this week, touch-screen fishing challenges from Go Series Fishing Resort, and some card games.

eShop update - 11/08/11

  • Avenging Spirit (3DS Virtual Console) - €3
  • Go Series Fishing Resort (DSiWare) - €2, 200 DSi Points
  • Hearts Spades Euchre (DSiWare) - €5, 500 DSi Points
  • Oscar's World Tour (DSiWare) - €5, 500 DSi Points

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