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Nintendo eShop update - 08/09/11

3D Pixel Racing! Anonymous Notes!

This week Nintendo is spoiling you with two downloadable releases - WiiWare game 3D Pixel Racing and dungeon-crawling RPG Anonymous Notes for DSiWare.

After last week's flurry of ten NES titles for 3DS Ambassadors, this Thursday's downloadable roster is a return to business as usual. No, don't go to sleep yet.

Minecraft fans! Ever wanted to race cars as well as build giant structures/reproductive organs? 3D Pixel Racing blends arcade driving action with distinctive blocky visuals, reminiscent of Minecraft's angular world.

It costs 500 Wii Points (about £3.50) and includes four-player split-screen multiplayer. Minecraft can't do that.

Also this week, Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 - From The Abyss, an action RPG based in an infinitely expanding dungeon (although we're betting you'll have to discover Chapter 2 separately). It's a DSiWare release priced at 200 DSiWare points, or £1.50 on 3DS.

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