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Nintendo dominates Japan

DS and Wii rampage up charts.

Nintendo's DS Lite and Wii have continued to stamp all over the competition in Japan.

According to the sales charts for the week ending 10th June, the pair racked up more than 79 per cent of all activity.

The DS took the gold medal with outrageous sales of 117,193, dwarfing the 24,711 figure from PSP. To date, Nintendo's dual-screen menace has trounced Sony's slender marauder by more than three to one.

The Wii, too, sustained its vice-like grip on the console market, churning out numbers to the tune of 64,529. The PS3 sulked with 8,776 and the Xbox 360 looked on in horror by bagging just 2,553.

But the cheeky PS2, which surely ought to be decomposing at the bottom of the garden by now, grabbed the attention of 11,097 people.

All the rest fell in a bucket and got eaten by a shark.