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Nintendo 3DS off to a "smooth start"

Global sales just over 3.6 million.

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Nintendo has sold just over 3.6 million 3DS units to date.

The company said the handheld was off to a "smooth start".

1.06 million have been sold in Japan, 1.32 million in the Americas, and 1.23 million in "other", which includes Europe.

That makes for a global total of 3.61 million units.

9.43 million Nintendo 3DS games have been sold.

Nintendo released its end of financial year sales data today, and confirmed plans to launch a Wii successor in 2012.

In the 12 month period to the end of March 2011, Nintendo sold 17.52 million DS consoles and 15.08 million Wiis. Nintendo has now enjoyed 146.42 million DS and 86.01 million Wii sales to date.

It pointed to strong sales of the special edition red versions of Nintendo DSi XL and Wii, and the Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition.

Sales of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White were described as "robust in and out of Japan". Nintendo enjoyed "strong" sales of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii Party, Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario. Bros Wii and Wii Fit Plus.

However, Nintendo noted that sales for both hardware and software were down compared to the previous financial year. Sales were down 29.3 per cent, and profit was down a whopping 66.1 per cent.

It blamed tough comparisons – December 2009 was a record month - the price reduction of the DS and the appreciating yen.

Despite the launch of the 3DS and, next year, its Wii successor, Nintendo pledged to sell more DS and Wiis to those who don't already have them, highlighting the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and the Wii's "long-selling evergreen titles".

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