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Nintendo: 3DS demos worth resources?

"I'm not sure," mulls Hideki Konno.

A Nintendo 3DS can receive demos while dormant via the Wi-Fi connection as you casually stroll past a shop or a "spot" - that's what the SpotPass feature is all about.

But Nintendo isn't convinced it's demos you really want or, indeed, need.

"I question whether or not demos are effective," 3DS producer Hideki Konno told Wired.

"There are cases where people play a demo game and they're satisfied with that play experience and they don't buy the game. There are also times when they play a demo and think, 'Wow, this is great, I'm going to buy this when I have the chance.'

"Whether or not it's an effective use of resources, I'm not sure."

He added: "You could wake up in the morning and say, 'Oh look, I've got a new game demo,' or a new game."

Nevertheless, game demos are "technically feasible".

Also possible are social features like text chat, voice chat and perhaps game invites. "We are going to make updates to the system, and that's something that would be really interesting to do," mulled Konno.

The 3DS launches here on Friday, its headline feature a glasses-free 3D screen. But contrary to popular belief, it's not all about 3D; Nintendo understands some people either can't see 3D or don't want to, and promises that crowd will be catered for as well.

"We're moving away from any stance that says if you don't use the 3D functionality you can't play this game," said Konno.

Through an eShop (due late May), Nintendo will offer Virtual Console games - rehashes of Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, GameGear and TurboGrafx games - as well as 3D Classics: remastered, 3D versions of old games. Downloadable morsels won't be as cheap as on rival platform the iPhone, though.

"I'd be a little sad to see if there was a product that I worked on for a couple of years go on sale for a buck," offered Konno.

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The Nintendo 3DS.