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Nintendo 3DS can't run Unreal Engine 3

"There's nothing against Nintendo."

Epic's game making technology Unreal Engine 3 works on everything – except the Nintendo 3DS.

"There's only so much time in the day; our engine requires a certain level of hardware capabilities to make our pipeline, our tools work - and we work on the ones that do," vice president Mark Rein told Joystiq at the Game Developers Conference.

"The second Nintendo releases a piece of hardware that can run our engine well, we'll be on it like water on fish."

Unreal Engine-made games run on almost every conceivable platform – even those yet to be released.

At a Tokyo press conference in January, the Gears of War maker showed Unreal Engine working on the Next Generation Portable – Sony's PlayStation Portable successor.

But there's no love for the Nintendo 3DS.

"There's nothing against Nintendo," Rein continued. "I hate that people somehow think that's the case.

"If we felt it could run [Unreal Engine] and deliver the kind of experience people license our technology to build, we'd be on [the 3DS]."