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Ninja Gaiden Sigma details

PS3 outing is more than a port.

Throwing handfuls of shurikens this morning was Tecmo, who insisted that the PlayStation 3's Ninja Gaiden Sigma was much more than a port of the 2005 Xbox hit, Ninja Gaiden: Black.

For starters, everything from backgrounds, enemies, characters, animations and textures will be revamped for the next generation console. It'll also let you partially install, or fully install the game on the PS3 hard drive to help loading times. All this and it's promised to run at a consistent 60 FPS with full self-shadowing and in 720p.

There's ninja-buckets of new content, too. Sigma is 19 chapters long, three more than the original. Plus there's a new, even harder difficulty mode for those of you with ridiculous gaming know-how.

However, most of the new changes are for the freshly playable Rachel, who will have a completely separate catalogue of attacks and animations, new story missions and mission-mode levels, as well as the sort of jiggly body-parts only Team Ninja can integrate.

Ninja Gaiden: Black was a deluxe edition of the original game for Xbox, which included the Ninja Dog and Master Ninja expansions, plus lots of new content and features. It's hard to recommend a game more highly, but pop over to our Ninja Gaiden review to see us try.

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma

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