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Ninja Gaiden heads US Wii VC

Pac-Man gobbles at heels.

Three more retro rippers are sitting pretty on the US Virtual Console this week, only one of which we don't already have in Europe, Ninja Gaiden.

This NES nugget was the very first console version of the intensely difficult series. You take control of Ryu Hayabashi and travel to America in search of revenge for your father's death, battling your way through 14 side-scrolling missions with your trusty Dragon Sword.

It brought Ryu's acrobatic escapades to public attention and is responsible for some of the finest games ever made.

Also eating cheeseburgers this week is Pac-Man for NES and Ninja Spirit for TurboGrafx-16, both of which are already available in Europe.

NES nibbles will weaken your Wii wallet by 500 Points (GBP 3.50), while TurboGrafx-16 ticklers will toddle your [this is getting silly now - Ed] tuber by 600 Points (GBP 4.20).