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Night Shift is like Hotline Miami meets Myst

Lost highway.

Night Shift is certainly one of the more unsettling recent takes on the puzzle game. Brandon Brizzi's quaint surreal driving nightmare puts you in the role of a stranded motorist caught in a realm where the sun has mysteriously disappeared. Oh no!

With only your headlights and a seemingly infinite tank of gas, you'll have to cruise an endless dreary plain full of rickety trees, glowing spirits, cultish streetlights, ghostly Cadillacs and more strange happenings. Given the barren landscape that stretches on for eternity, it may seem easy to lose your place, but eerily the landmarks begin repeating as time and space tussle with one another. Like Antichamber before it, it's not always clear which of your actions are triggering any changes in the scenery. That's part of the mystery.

The music is key to the game's minimalist presentation with Dance with the Dead's lively electronic beats pulsating through this unknown plane. The lack of music is just as important when the sound begins to cut out. Get a taste of it below in Night Shift's announcement trailer.

Night Shift just graduated out of Early Access earlier today on Steam where it usually goes for £3.99 but is 10 per cent off until 2nd March.

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