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NFS Shift dev reveals new game C.A.R.S.

F2P racer has "world-class visuals and physics".

Shift 2: Unleashed developer Slightly Mad Studios has launched a new project to build its next game - and it wants your help.

The London developer will use crowdsourcing to create new games in a project called World of Mass Development. The idea is that subscribers to Slightly Mad's technology work alongside the studio to develop games from scratch. You'll even be financially rewarded once the games are launched.

First up is free-to-play racing game C.A.R.S. (community assisted racing sim). SMS describes the game as "an authentic and visceral racing experience that allows players to carve out a career starting in the karting world and progress to a specialization of their choice".

"Pursue that career either solo or with friends via co-op and full team management and share your experience via a suite of tightly-integrated social features."

You start as a Karting cadet and become champion in the most popular disciplines of Formula One, GT/LeMans, Touring Car, Rally and IndyCar. Expect day/night weather, upgrades, customisation and "world-class visuals and physics".

C.A.R.S. includes microtransactions priced from 10 cents to $10. A number of tracks and manufacturers have already been licensed.

The community will play the game as it's being built. You can subscribe to packages in the game at $5, $10 and $250 price points. Small businesses can get involved for $1000. You can even contribute $100,000, if you fancy it. Pay $5 a month and you'll get an in-game opponent named after you.

According to Eurogamer sister site, based on a two-year development cycle at a cost of $5 million, Slightly Mad estimates a $10 share will return $35 if the game hits a $25 million profit, or 657,000 traditional retail sales. A $250 share will return $875 and a $100,000 share $350,000.

Slightly Mad wants three million sales of C.A.R.S., a 90 per cent Metacritic and a profit of $52 million.