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Next Skyrim DLC is Dragonborn, has dragon mounts, Solstheim - report

UPDATE: Spears!

Update: Spears! Source code reveller Mardoxx has uncovered evidence of spears in the Dragonborn DLC. What next - whips?!

Original story: It's unconfirmed, but it looks like the next Skyrim DLC will be called Dragonborn and take place on the independent island of Solstheim (East of Skyrim, North of Morrowind).

There may be dragon mounts (or it could be a scripted ride), new armour types - Bonemold, Chitin, Nordic and Stalhrim - and mounted spell casting may be on the way.

Compass markers denoting, clockwise, Telvanni Tower, To Solstheim, Raven Rock, Castle Karstaag, Standing Stones, To Skyrim, Miraak Temple. Bottom is quest header for Dragonborn quests.

Locations Raven Rock, Miraak Temple, Castle Karstaag and Telvanni Tower were also mentioned. As was PS3 downloadable content.

By who? By Bethesda forum member Mardoxx who delved into the Skyrim patch 1.8 beta source code and discovered clues about what's coming next.

"There are other things like new creatures and dwemer objects, but they're not that interesting," Mardoxx wrote.

The thread Mardoxx started was locked. A new thread has sprung into life to take its place.

Bethesda trademarked the name Dragonborn in September. A model of Morrowind's Solstheim could be found and viewed in Skyrim as far back as launch.

That organgey island above and right of Skyrim, and above Morrowind - that's Solstheim. It doesn't belong to any province of Tamriel.

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