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Next Champions Online update revealed

Nemesis Confrontation has Lair, costumes.

Cryptic has published details of the next update to its superhero MMO Champions Online, Nemesis Confrontation, which will be released next Tuesday, 24th November.

Featuring a Lair and some new costume sets, it's not a huge update, but it's coming out just a month after the last patch Blood Moon so we'll let Cryptic off. Plus, it headlines our favourite feature of Champions Online - player Nemeses.

The new Lair pits a team of max-level players against alien gladiators and the villain Shadow Destroyer, but also against their individual Nemeses, whom the Destroyer has recruited. You can play it to unlock costume sets themed around the Lair's enemies, or pay for the same sets in the game's item shop.

More info at the official website.