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Florida to follow Cali's game law

Restricting sales to under-18s.

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Less than a month after Californian governor Arnold Schwarznegger signed into law a bill restricting the sale of games with violent content to minors, Florida is set to follow suit with an almost identical piece of legislation.

Bill SB492, which has been introduced by state Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla, defines violent videogames in the same terms as the Californian bill and seeks to impose the same USD 1000 fine on retailers who break the law.

The bill also requires games with violent content to bear a 2-inch square "18 rating" sticker. However, there is one addition - SB492 covers games in arcades as well as those sold in shops. The full bill can be viewed on the Florida Senate website.

The Entertainment Software Association has yet to issue an official response, but it's likely to oppose SB492 just as it is taking strong stance against the California bill. The ESA has already joined forces with the Video Software Dealers Association to file suit on the grounds that AB7119 restricts First Amendment rights.

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