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Namco signs Snake Plissken

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Namco has signed the rights to develop and publish games based on Escape From New York/LA's Snake Pilssken. The character, whose rights are jointlet owned by John Carpenter, producer Debra Hill and actor Kurt Russell, will be used by Namco in various games, something Mr. Carpenter seems pretty chuffed about. "Working with both the original team from Escape and the developers at Namco allows Kurt, Debra, and me to reach a whole new generation of Snake fans and still be true to the original movie," he said.

The first title to star Snake (who was reportedly the basis for Hideo Kojima's Solid Snake character) will be a post apocalyptic action game with plenty of fisticuffs, firearms, stealth and puzzling, according to GameSpot. Other than that, all we know is that it's due out in Christmas 2005 and that Kurt Russell will lend his voice to the production.

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