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Blazing Angels PC demo

Pretty fly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It may be a bit mediocre, and I may be glad to see the back of it so I can stop typing "Angles" by accident, but if you're still keen to have a go and see if Ubisoft's World War II planes-go-ratatatatat-'em-up Blazing Angels is any good on the PC, you can now do so.

The demo's four hundred and sixty seven megabytes high and a similar distance across, but since you're in an internet plane this will be no problem. Apparently you get to train in a bi-plane (you can't get a TRAIN in a BI-PLANE) and then fly around Dunkirk and London. Shooting things, I expect.

And that's it. Have a read of today's review if you fancy, and if you're convinced by the demo (there's one for 360 on Live Marketplace, too), you can go out and buy it, since it's out on PC, Xbox and Xbox 360 today.

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