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WoW addon announcement 'a hoax'

Blizzard denies ownership of recent press release but tells Warcraft fans to "keep checking the webpage". Hmm.

Blizzard Entertainment, creator of popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, has denounced a recent press release regarding a planned expansion pack as "fake".

The release stated that Blizzard was working on a WoW add-on called 'Northrend', which would feature "new player races, a new faction and a whole new continent for players to explore". The expansion, it continued, would debut at E3 and go on sale in late 2005.

Blizzard president Mike Morhaime was quoted as saying "The expansion will further the game's storyline in conjunction with free content that Blizzard plans to release in the coming months."

But Blizzard's European office said the press release was "definitely a hoax". However, the publisher went on, WoW fans are advised to "keep checking the web page".

So could an expansion pack be in the offing after all? Well, until something less vague surfaces, guess you'll just have to take Blizzard's advice by clicking here.