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Square Enix's Code Age revealed

And it's a PS2 exclusive action RPG.

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Square Enix has unveiled the first game based on its Code Age brand concept.

The company developed Code Age with the intention of growing its popularity in a similar fashion to Fullmetal Alchemist, beginning first with manga and anime series and then developing game content.

Called Code Age Commanders, the first such game is an action RPG for PlayStation 2, which will of course draw upon the Code Age manga/anime storylines.

The team behind the game has much pedigree. Director Toshiyuki Itahana's credits include Final Fantasy IX and Crystal Chronicle, while concept designer Yusuke Naora has dabbled in Final Fantasy games including VII and X, PSone gem Vagrant Story and Unlimited SaGa.

Executive producer Akitoshi Kawazu, meanwhile, is credited with production roles on various Final Fantasy spin-off titles dating from the 80s to present day, as well as Legend of Mana on PSone.

The developer also talks of a Ring Gauge System for battling in a preview in Japanese Famitsu magazine this week, and The Magic Box reports that the action "resembles" Koei's Dynasty Warriors titles.

Square Enix was unable to confirm any European plans for Code Age Commanders, but the company is known to be boosting its offering in the region so it seems just as likely as anything. We should find out more later this year.

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