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Republic Commands Ash's attention

Irish rock act Ash will release a Star Wars: Republic Commando tainted EP online next month to celebrate their involvement in the game. See a video inside.

Irish rockers Ash have teamed up with LucasArts to give their next EP a Star Wars: Republic Commando flavour to celebrate the band's involvement with the game.

The Evil Eye EP, due to be released exclusively online this 11th April, features a re-edited video for the song "Clones", which was used as the introduction music for the game, and a copy of the PC demo will also be distributed with the release.

You can watch a stream of the video, re-edited to feature game footage, online now in Windows (high bandwidth, low bandwidth) and Real Media (high bandwidth, low bandwidth) formats.

The Evil Eye EP will also feature the song Evil Eye, obviously, taken from Ash's Meltdown album, and will be backed by nine live songs recorded in Vienna last year, in case you're interested.

"Star Wars is great because it was an alternate fantasy world for our whole generation and it's fantastic that it's happened again. Being on the game is a dream come true and a great honour to be the first outside's the closet we'll get to being in our favourite films," the band said of their involvement. What about Shaun of the Dead, eh? You had your music in that. That was better than either of the Star Wars prequels by itself.

Anyway, you ought to be able to find more details on the EP on Ash's official website. Star Wars: Republic Commando is out now on PC and Xbox and you can read our review here.