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City of Villains to get update

And Heroes to get tweaked, too.

NCsoft has announced that a new update is on the way for City of Villains, the expansion-but-also-standalone-game follow-up to MMORPG City of Heroes.

The new update, which is titled Issue 7: Destiny Manifest, will be automatically sent out to subscribers for no money at all this April. It will feature new Mayhem Missions, which see evil types wreaking havoc around Paragon City within a time limit - you'll be able to steal from shops, face off with the cops and generally make life difficult for everyone, in between mashing up city blocks and earning some healthy bonuses.

The update will also include more than 300 new missions, plus more Poser sets and Patron Power Pools. You'll also be able to visit a zone called Grandville, if you're of a high enough level, and face off with Lord Recluse and an army of really weird spiders.

City of Heroes will also get a bit of an overhaul - you can expect an enhanced user interface, improved graphics and new features.

City of Villains is out now - and the good news is that if you're already paying a subscription fee for Heroes, there's no extra charge, and vice versa.