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US PSP sales up a lot - Sony

Must be all those ace games! Oh.

As the shortage of PlayStation 3 units continues in the US and Canada sales of PS2 and PlayStation Portable are booming, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America.

In a statement, communications boss David Karraker said the top five retailers in North America were reporting a week-by-week rise in PS2 hardware sales of more than 115 per cent over the Thanksgiving period. Sales of PSP units, meanwhile, were up by 280 per cent.

Sales of first-party software are also up, according to SCEA. PS2 game sales rose by 120.6 per cent, with PSP software sales increasing by almost 168 per cent.

Sony has yet to publish figures for exactly how many PlayStation 3 units have been sold in North America since the console launched there on 17th November.

However, Karraker did confirm that all PS3s shipped to the US last week have been sold, adding, "More are already on their way for this week.

"Feedback from our retail partners is that demand is still incredibly high and that PS3s put on store shelves were quickly snapped up by holiday shoppers," he went on.

"We will continue to utilise airfreight delivery for the PlayStation 3 to assure a steady stream of systems for North American consumers through the end of the year."

As previously announced, Sony plans to ship one million PS3 units by the end of the year.