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More Spider-Man games coming

Activision extends licensing deal.

Activision has extended its licensing agreement with Spider-Man Merchandising to produce videogames based on all Spider-Man film sequels and TV programmes until 2018.

The publisher has already produced two movie tie-ins, both of which topped the videogame charts around the world. The Spider-Man 3 videogame is due for a release alongside the film in May 2007.

"Games based on this phenomenally successful property bring the film's popular characters to life and allow consumers to extend their experience with original missions and additional Marvel characters beyond those of the Spider-Man movies," said Activision CEO Mike Griffith.

Tim Rothwell of Marvel Entertainment - which formed Spider-Man Merchandising as a limited partnership with Sony Pictures - commented: "Activision has done a tremendous job in translating Spider-Man into compelling, top-selling interactive games."

"Given their performance and long-term commitment to the franchise, as well as their creative excellence Activision is the ideal partner for movie-based Spider-Man games, a business that complements our recent extension of their interactive license for 'classic' Spider-Man."