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GAME plans 24-hour promotion

Tick, tick, tick, tick, spend!

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It's Halloween this week! Hooray! For those of us who aren't 12 years old, this means buying up huge quantities of suspiciously expensive sweets and using them to bribe the neighbourhood kids not to egg our houses - something they generally end up doing anyway. The little shits.

However it needn't all be pain and anguish during this most tedious and unfair of annual events, and for that we owe a degree of thanks to, of all people, GAME, who plan to run another of their 24-hour "stock ticker" promotions starting at a minute past midnight tonight. For those who missed the last one in July (including us), the 24-hour promotion will see a different item (a game or otherwise) reduced to a ludicrously cheap price and unveiled every hour.

Each product will be available on a first come, first served basis and will only be available at the reduced price for its allotted hour. Unlike the last promotion, the price won't countdown by a pound every hour, but we're promised prices that will impress. Details are scant, obviously, because the surprise element is a big percentage of the attraction, but we've been told that The Ring on DVD and Project Zero on Xbox will both appear in the promotion for under a tenner - and if you're an Xbox owner without the latter then you definitely need to consider a late night shopping spree.

Oh, and we're sure GAME would feel aggrieved if we didn't point out that they're going to be relaunching their website this week at, which is obviously where you'll need to be for the above promotion, too.

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