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Navy SEALs: WMD demo

Play it - if you can find the link.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

We're not sure if it's any good. We're not sure whether it's ever coming out anywhere other than the US. We're not even sure who the hell Jar Head Games are, but, on a recent foray into the world of download sites, we discovered this derivative-sounding Lithtech-based first person shooter with a demo/purchase model that is long overdue a revival.

Yes, you may not end up liking Navy SEALs, but it won't be for the want of trying. Thanks to a shareware-style arrangement, you get the full game for 60 minutes, after which point you can purchase a licence key online to continue playing, should you care to. It's not even a big file - 91MB shouldn't choke anything in the three-figures-Kbps region for longer than a few minutes.

So anyway - have a look. Don't blame us if it's rubbish (judging by the review scores, it's like stabbing yourself in the eye), we just like the way it works, and making crude WMD jokes.

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