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CM 03/04 details

Championship decider.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Aw. Eidos has officially unveiled the final product of its longstanding relationship with UK developer Sports Interactive - Championship Manager: Season 03/04. Due out this November, Season 03/04 makes all sorts of changes to the CM4 formula, some less obvious than others.

Of course the main thing here is up to date stats and competition structures for the 03/04 season, but this update also tweaks the existing training system so it all happens on one screen; adds more commentary, weather effects and AI to the match engine; improves the role of the media and scouts; and introduces goal of the month/season awards, live cup draws, B team and Under 21 international caps and all manner of other minute improvements.

We'll bring you our thoughts on Season 03/04, and any news on Eidos' plans for the Championship Manager brand post-SI, as soon as possible.

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