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Wes Craven doing a game?

No, but he's in talks about one.

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Horror film director Wes Craven is in talks to create an original game - or so he's told Mercury News journalist Dean Takahashi.

Takahashi, author of the Xbox 360 Uncloaked book, cornered Craven during the ongoing MI6 Game Marketing conference and reported some of his comments about games and film on his blog.

"He said he was in talks to create an original game, but wouldn't elaborate," is the relevant comment.

Although Craven lists a typical trio of Wolfenstein, Doom and SimCity when asked about the games he plays, his thoughts on the similarities between games and film in terms of simulating experience are quite interesting.

"He said that movies put you in the role of the protagonist, allowing you to test how you would feel and behave in impossibly horrifying situations. It's like practice for the real thing. You feel good when you come out because you have an idea of how you would handle that kind of experience. This seemed to be a perceptive thought, and he extended it to playing video games that simulate an experience," Takahashi writes - and compares the point to one made by Sims creator Will Wright.

Craven also said he felt it would be good for games to escape the narrow band of topics for "14-year-old males with too much testosterone". "I haven't found many educational games, but a lot of things, like world politics, could be done in a really funny way," he told Takahashi.

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