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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Tomy working on Zoids VS 2

Coming soon to this thread: a stream of lustful illiteracy.

Zoids VS, based on the best cartoon about robots we've seen in ages, has spawned a sequel. Although Zoids VS never made it out on these shores, string-puller Tomy is working on a sequel (imaginatively titled Zoids VS 2) for Japanese release in September. As with the previous one, it's unlikely to see a Stateside release, let alone make it to Europe, but our hope is that if we keep casually bringing it up then some suited businessfolk in the far east will respond by taking steps to rectify this. Unlikely, but hey, we had high hopes for that Matrix game didn't we?

As with the previous game, Zoids VS 2 will see players piloting one of the spiritually possessed dinosauric robots, facing off against human and AI-controlled opponents in the hope of advancing in rank. And as with the original, it looks like a Cube exclusive. If we can convince our minders to buy an import copy, we'll let you know how it plays...