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Namco working on six 'other' games

That we didn't know about.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Namco's Japanese language investor relations page (we wouldn't advise you bother) has been updated with oodles of information on the current state of the company's various games, following a recent meeting to announce fiscal results.

As with a lot of companies' results, the page largely dwells on stuff we already know about (R: Racing Evolution, the new Tekken and Ace Combat games, and things like that), but as reports, six new and untitled projects are mentioned.

The new games are described generically. There will be a character-driven action-adventure game, a new fighting action game, a new racing game (not R: Racing Evolution), a "major RPG" for GameCube, a worldwide MMORPG, and a new, non-baseball sports title.

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