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CDV notices MMO market

Signs two for Europe.

Enlight's massively-multiplayer online RPG Imagine is getting a Western release in Q1 2007 via German outfit CDV.

CDV's been courting Enlight for a bit, it sounds like, and the result of their talks is that CDV will market and distribute both Imagine and another MMOG over the next two years or so.

The second game will apparently be a joint effort, rather than something Enlight's done first, and will be built based on the duo's experience with Imagine for release in 2008.

As for Imagine itself, you can find some details about it on its Chinese website (it's due out over there in July), and there's also a bit of info in English if you dig around.

Since CDV's release was more financially minded than anything else (with lots of jabber about calculated costs and risk-reward ratios), expect the publisher to provide a more thorough grounding in its new signing when it feels a bit chattier.