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Bomberman on Live Arcade?

Under evaluation.

The Saturn version of Bomberman might be on its way to Xbox Live Arcade, judging by comments made by Hudson's online marketing manager to US website 1UP.

During a recent conversation with the unnamed bloke-in-question, 1UP claims he said that the possibility of Bomberman joining the Arcade line-up is "under evaluation" and the Saturn version would be a great addition.

Up until recently, Live Arcade's been dominated by web-game affairs like Zuma and Marble Blast, with original content like Bizarre Creations' phenomenal Geometry Wars the exception rather than the rule.

However, Microsoft recently said it was working with Capcom to bring Street Fighter II - complete with online play - to the service, so Bomberman would be in good company.

Whether or not it will end up on Arcade is very much up to that evaluation process, however - Hudson's said that it's definitely not currently under way and there are no plans right now.

If they make their minds up, obviously we'll tell you. We'll be bombing something whatever the outcome though, so WATCH OUT.

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