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24 game coming to PS2

You get to "be" Jack Bauer! But not slap his annoying squinty-eyed daughter, unfortunately.

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Top counter-terrorist operative and hopeless smackhead Jack Bauer is coming to PS2 exclusively this autumn with the release of 24: The Game.

It's being developed by Sony's Cambridge Studio in co-operation with Twentieth Century Fox and actual writers, producers, directors and stars from the TV show. The Kiefer himself will lend his voice and likeness to the game, along with the actors who play Kim Bauer and Tony Almeida.

The story takes place between the end of season two and the start of season three and we're promised it'll clear up all those unanswered questions such as: How did Kim get that CTU job? Who tried to do over President Palmer? And why don't any of them ever need a piss?

It's all about "non-stop time-pressure gameplay", with more than 100 missions and all manner of sub-plots and side-stories. As well as on-foot sections, which involve shooting, puzzle-solving, a bit of stealth work and some business with a sniper rifle, there are driving challenges which include tailing assignments and high-speed pursuits.

Then there are "gadget sections", which involve cracking encryption codes, say, or trying to work out where those pesky terrorists keep all their bombs with the help of a satellite photo. You're also tasked with interrogating suspects, probably by shouting at them and sweating a lot if the TV show is anything to go by.

The script is penned by 24 writer Duppy Demetrius, composer Sean Callery is doing the music and the show's creator and cinematographer is even helping out with the cutscenes, so it's high production values all the way. More info the very second we get it.

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