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Weirdo hits 100k gamerpoints

Blistering in the limelight.

Gamerscore whores like Kristan will be aghast this week at the news that some chap called StripClubDj has topped the 100,000-point mark on Xbox Live, having played 144 different games.

Gamerpoints, of course, are accumulated by netting "achievements" in Xbox 360 games - things like completing a section of the game, winning online a certain number of times, or, er, using a character-creation tool. The level of difficulty varies.

But that's not to say StripClubDj hasn't put some work in. Not only has he achieved the maximum score for dozens of games, he's even bought obscure 360 games from Asia in order to help shore up his score with extra points.

Plus we know from experience that some of the barriers he's cleared are not only high but possibly on fire, or layered with spikes or polonium-210. Getting 1000 points out of Ridge Racer 6, for example, is no mean feat.

Then again, there's some question about whether he actually did clear those barriers legitimately, or whether he was using exploits and hacks to farm the points. Kristan says you can "con" the 360 using Datel kit and downloadable save-files, and there are certainly some suspicious datestamps in amongst the listings.

Anyway, there's un/healthy discussion going on about this elsewhere, which we'll not seek to add to because really we don't care.