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Microsoft to distribute Music Mixer with Famitsu

Covermounted fun for Japanese Xbox owners.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The latest Xbox promotional effort from Microsoft in Japan has been unveiled, with the country's well-respected Famitsu magazine set to covermount the Music Mixer software in its January edition.

Music Mixer, which was unveiled at E3 this year, is being sold as a standalone product elsewhere in the world, and will be launching in Europe later this year. It extends the Xbox' media playback abilities, offering users the ability to use the console as a karaoke machine or create virtual music videos, among other things.

The deal with Famitsu as described suggests that a special edition of the magazine will be available with the covermounted software; it's not clear whether this edition will cost more than the magazine normally does.

Music Mixer is due out in Europe before Christmas. Microsoft has yet to announce any special distribution plans for anywhere other than Japan.

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