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Tales of the Abyss dated

Not long to wait for US ver.

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Namco Bandai's latest Tales RPG will be released on 10th October in the USA, exclusively on PlayStation 2.

Tales of the Abyss puts you in the role of Luke fon Fabre, heir to a baron, who in a dramatic departure from all the other JRPG plots, learns of friendship and sacrifice that could save the world.

The publisher's promising its most realistic character models yet - designed by series mainstay Kousuke Fujishima - while a "flexible motion battle system" ought to make roaming the 3D world a bit more exciting than usual.

Not that yours truly has much of a clue, as you'd probably guessed. More on Tales of the Abyss when one of our JRPG demons gets their hands on it.

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