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PlayStation 3 to support DTS surround sound

Digital Theater Systems signs for Blu-ray disc format.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PlayStation 3 will support the DTS Coherent Acoustics surround sound, it seems safe to say, after Digital Theater Systems announced that the format will be a "mandatory audio technology" for the Blu-ray disc medium, which Sony last week confirmed that it plans to use in PlayStation 3 in a read-only format.

Although DTS is probably lesser known than Dolby's Digital and Pro Logic II solutions, it's nevertheless respected in the DVD sector and a number of PS2 games including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City support it, although Pro Logic II now seems to be more prevalent.

Given the rivalry, Dolby is also more or less certain of supporting the Blu-ray disc format - hopefully giving Sony supporters some much needed Dolby Digital 5.1. Whatever happens, PS3 should be well equipped for surround sound options.

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