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Manhunt goes live

<shout>Updated</shout>: Release date!

Rockstar has launched a proper website for its forthcoming twisted action title Manhunt. The suitably flickery, groany site certainly sets the mood for the apparently sickening atmosphere Rockstar intends to portray with the title, but it doesn't contain much in the way of new details - anybody who has a copy of the print mag previews will already have seen the screenshots available, and we've mirrored them here for you anyway. Oh and there's a screensaver you can download, if you like that sort of thing.

Update: Our pals over at Ferrago are clearly more observant than us, since they spotted the game's release date emblazoned across the front page of the site. We can apparently expect to see it on PS2 on November 19th. Time for a trip to the optitians for us.