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Free movie-based HL mod released

An official one for "Underworld". Could be better than the licensed game...

Licensed, movie-based games are almost always rubbish. Games like Enter The Matrix, The Hulk, Minority Report, etc. These are all rubbish. But if they'd been given away for free and not used to extort £40 out of each of us, then perhaps we would have been a bit nicer? Perhaps.

In any event, if Underworld: Bloodline turns out to be rubbish, then we'll be able to test the supposition. Available here right now (29MB), it's a Half-Life mod based on a film we hadn't heard of (Underworld) from Sony Pictures. According to HomeLan Fed, Bloodline is a bit like "Counter-Strike with horror elements", in which two opposing teams of Vampires and Lycans have to try and take one another out. There are different character classes, special abilities, hostage-rescue style maps, and the whole thing was developed by Black Widow Games (whose They Hunger mod was excellent) and Big Spaceship.

So what happens if it's not any good? Not much really, but we can't really blame them for having a go, as this promotional tool could end up being decidedly more impressive than the official, £40-robbing licensed game, which is due out Stateside in conjunction with the movie's release on September 19th for PC and Xbox from, er, Lucky Chicken Games.