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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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KOTOR downloads revealed

Nothing exciting, unlike the game itself, which is class.

C&VG claims that Xbox Live content downloads for BioWare's forthcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will take the form of weapons, armour and other equipment to assist players on side quests. LucasArts has previously stated that updates would be released around the turn of the year. The Xbox version of the game is due out via Activision this September (Amazon and others are specifying September 19th).

Any item updates for KOTOR would likely be deposited somewhere across the game's four starmaps, to be picked up or uncovered by the player during the course of normal play.

We've been playing KOTOR quite a lot since our import version materialised at the weekend, and you can't really imagine just how good it is. The way you align yourself to light or dark is perfectly balanced and authentic - you could take the easy way through the early sections amassing wealth and tools at the expense of others, for example, but in the long run you might never be as powerful as a truly vibrant Jedi.

What's more, when they said "Baldur's Gate meets Star Wars" though, they weren't kidding. It's very non-linear, the characters are all voiced no matter which ones you end up with (and there are plenty of options), the puzzle construction seems sound, the combat system is increasingly deep as you move further in and, ooh, we could just go on all day about it. It's just a crying shame that we have to sit here writing instead...

Oh, and at around 2am on Sunday morning we got hopelessly addicted to Pazaak, a little card game you learn quite early on. It's a bit like Blackjack, only better, and given our - admittedly increasingly tenuous - alignment to the forces of good, we decided to fleece people at Pazaak to raise funds instead of destroying their livelihoods and robbing their rundown apartments on Taris.