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Ignition to pub next-gen SNK

As well as current-gen stuff.

Britsoft publisher Ignition Entertainment has extended its existing publishing deal with SNK Playmore for Europe.

The deal covers a range of already-announced titles like Metal Slug Anthology as well as SNK's future debut titles for next-generation console formats.

SNK recently made it clear that it plans to support all next-gen formats - including Nintendo Wii.

Ignition Enterainment managing director Vijay Chadha said the firm had "shipped close to one million units" of SNK titles so far.

The deal extension covers KOF XI, King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2, NEOGEO Battle Coliseum, SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters and Metal Slug Anthology, Ignition said today.

The company plans to make more announcements in the coming weeks.

Ignition recently announced that it would publish SNK's PS2 title King of Fighters Neowave title this summer.

The publisher is also handling PlayStation Portable title Blade Dancer, and has a sequel to puzzle title Mercury in development at its Banbury office.