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Sims movie on the way

And King of Fighters.

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Two more videogame franchises are set to get the big screen treatment following the acquisition of the movie rights to The Sims and King of Fighters, reports.

According to Variety, the Sims rights have been secured by 20th Century Fox. A live action film is planned, and the project will be overseen by Sims studio boss Rod Humble.

"The Sims has done an interactive version of an old story, which is what it's like to have infinite power and how do you deal with it," he commented.

"Given that that's an old story, you can imagine how easily that would translate to traditional storytelling."

The Sims movie will be written by Brian Lynch, who penned Scary Movie 3 and Helium Dog. Also attached to the project is John Davis, producer of Norbit and Eragon.

Meanwhile, Variety Asia is reporting that Double Edge Entertainment is producing a film based on hit beat-'em-up series King of Fighters.

Hong Kong action movie specialist Gordon Chan (Fist of Legend, Beast Cops) will direct, and Chris Chow - who wrote Jet Li film Fearless - will author the script.

The film will be produced by Axis Entertainment's Joseph Chou, Tim Kwok of Convergence Entertainment, Japanese company Micott & Basara and Arclight/Easternlight.

Also working on the project will be animation and special effects firm CGCG, who worked on the Donkey Kong and Bionical cartoon series.

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