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Haven back from the dead

Xicat rescues Traveller's Tales title on Cube and Xbox.

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Haven: Call Of The King is to come out on Cube and Xbox after all, with Xicat Interactive picking up the publishing rights to the action/adventure title.

Released by Midway to much fanfare on the PS2 at the end of last year, the title fared reasonably well at the hands of the critics, but sold disastrously badly despite a multi million pounds marketing budget. Deciding to release the game at the same time as Vice City hardly helped its cause, but ultimately it failed to live up to its billing as 'The game that is all games". Basically it was a fairly decent Jak & Daxter-inspired action platformer romp, but with Ratchet & Clank also out at the time, it sunk without trace, selling around 12,000 copies in the UK.

If you're a Cube or Xbox platforming fiend then you could do a lot worse, but you'll have to wait: it's not due for a release until Q4, annoyingly. If you want to check it out, head here.

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