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Manage your friends list online.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has launched a new feature on that allows you to manage your friends list on your PC.

Which means, of course, you don't need to boot up your Xbox or Xbox 360 to see who's online. You can also send, accept and decline friend requests, and kick anyone you're fed up with off your list.

"I can't tell you how long we've wanted to do this feature, and it's finally here," said My Xbox lead program manager Clinton Fowler.

"You don't have to look at those pending friend requests anymore, and you also don't have to wait 'til you get to the console to send a friend request to that guy or gal in the forums!"

Gosh! What will they think of next? Who knows, but Fowler did say that the new friends feature is "only a portion of what we've got up our sleeves." Roll on The Future.

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