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Beowulf for next-gen

Being shopped around to pubs.

Our old pal Beowulf is finally set for a comeback! Having bided his time a bit for the last 1000 years or so, he's about to make a bloody splash in 4HEAD Studios/3D-IO's forthcoming next-gen action-adventure.

This week, the studios announced that they would be partnering on a "combat-driven action adventure game set in the realms of nordic mythology," which obviously focuses on Beowulf, subject of an epic poem back in the day.

We're promised an "innovative new fighting system", and exceptional story and characters. No word on who they'll be, but obviously we're looking forward to sorting out that dragon ourselves. He was a bit of a cock, we seem to recall.

Anyway, the game's currently being offered around to publishers, according to the devs. You can see a bit of how it's shaping up on the official website, which also has some screenshots and video.

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